Characteristics of a Great Daycare Facility

Young parents want what is best for their kids, therefore it is their solemn duty to find an affordable and quality daycare facility that is as close to home as possible. Parents go through a rough time when choosing a daycare facility to enrol their kids. But the options available to them can be overwhelming and that is where stress starts to creep in. How can you tell one daycare facility is better than the other? It takes some research to pinpoint out their differences, especially information available on the internet in the form of customer reviews and feedback.

So, what review can you trust? It is up to you to analyze reviews and feedback and choose the one with favourable feedback. Upcoming parents need to plan, start searching for a daycare facility for their child during the third trimester. Starting your search gives room to find the best facility. Time is a valuable asset because it allows you to assess, compare and contrast a facility before calling it a shot.

Here are some signs of a great daycare facility:

Stellar reviews

Every great daycare facility gets stellar reviews from current and past clients. This review goes a long way in building a solid reputation for the facility. Happy parents will leave positive reviews while unhappy parents will leave negative reviews. Though not all encounters with parents will guarantee satisfaction, you will never go wrong if you decide to choose a facility based on the many positive reviews and feedback from past and current parents.

As a parent, while sifting through reviews take note of reviews patterns, if you find a certain bad pattern in reviews, this is a red flag. If you visit social sites, read what they post to engage parents. Where parents are well engaged in a healthy conversation it is a sign of a great childcare centre.

Happy kids

When you visit a facility for the first time while searching for the right facility, the first impression tells a lot. If you see happy kids playing up and down in a stimulating environment under the close supervision of their caregivers, that is the facility you should trust to give your child wholesome growth and development. Note if they have age-appropriate facilities for each group of children the space should be spacious enough for the number of kids enrolled. Take a minute to observe the children see how they are engaged.

Interesting curriculum

A great daycare will have what you want your child to have on an ideal day. If you want a facility with a flexible curriculum or one with a strict school-like curriculum. You will choose a facility that meets the needs of your child either way.

Passionate and qualified caregivers

Ask to see if caregivers have the relevant qualifications and assess their passion for the children. They should have basic knowledge of CPR and other First Aid certifications. Observe interactions between the caregivers and the children and you will derive a lot of intangible resolution. The way children respond to their teachers and how teachers give directions to the young ones.


Every daycare strives to improve safety for the kids. The facilities like swinging and other play equipment must guarantee children’s safety. Every daycare facility must implement childproofing measures in every corner of the facility.

Check your local child care in Morayfield if they have these characteristics before sending your kids to them.