The benefits of ISO 14001 certification

If yours is a business that is concerned about reducing the environmental risk then you should definitely benefit from the ISO 14001 certification. The aim is to create environmental management system which is able to reduce the risk of any sort of pollution and lower its impact on the environment. Getting this certification not only helps improve the company’s reputation but also ensures that the clients are aware about your commitment towards bringing an improvement in the environment.

Why should you get the ISO 14001 certification?

With the ISO 14001 certification in hand organizations can achieve better efficiency by reducing its cost. This is achievable because they are wasting less and therfore spending less. The bigger an Organization the greater is the likelihood that the efficiency can multiply.

The biggest benefit is for the manufacturing sector because it has a major advantage over the service sector when it comes to cutting cost. 90% of the manufacturing sector can experience cost saving because of the implementation of the ISO 14001 standard. Since manufacturers are bigger consumers of energy and materials the large scale of consumption and manufacturing sector means that the improvements are easier to achieve and quite noticeable as well.

It should be kept in mind that the ISO 14001 standards are reviewed and revised time and again so as to take into account the changing innovations and business practices. It was once revised in 2015 and the next revision is most likely to take place before 2030. Having environmental management system in place can improve sustainability and increase the social responsibility on every employee in the organization. This not only helps an organization optimize its environmental performance but can help save them money in the long run.

The ISO standard for environmental management system is not prescriptive. When an organization implements the EMS  it writes down its aims and intentions and then combine that with the commitment to deliver on it. The standard requires an explanation for the context of the environmental management system. There are certain issues and factors which need to be taken into consideration. An organization has to identify the relevant issues and consider that whether they are in compliance with the standards set by the ISO. This would allow them to appropriately manage the system.

The EMS requires a whole lot of support because it comprises of extensive documentation. And company need to define its responsibility and ensure that they are competent to do it.

It is important to mention that how a procedure is going to be established and systematic response to any sort of emergency situation. When all things in the EMS are in place the evaluation begins. This means that monitoring and measurement of the performance also takes place. This happens through internal audit and the results need to be shown at management reviews to demonstrate complete involvement.

If you want to secure the ISO 14001 certification it is important to use a consultant. Your consultant would empower your staff so that your organization is able to comply with the standards of ISO 14001.

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