What you need to know before enrolling your child at the Launceston early learning program

If you are thinking about enrolling your child at the Launceston early learning program there are several things that you need to keep in mind. Before the ages of 8 children go through a rapid developmental phase. It is during this time that the brain is developing faster than any other point in the life. The foundation of a child social skills as well as their self-esteem is established during these years. It is also the time when the child is rapidly developing cognitive skills.

Early childhood education encourages the healthy development of all the above mentioned milestones. In fact now more than ever parents are aware about the importance of the right early learning for the children.

When it comes to children below eight years of age, it should be kept in mind that they have unique needs. Being separated from parents is a difficult time for them and that teacher make sure that she helps them through this transition.

Kindergarten teachers are adaptive to the emotional needs of the students. The ensure that the students are able to interact with their peers the right way. For this they often have to work is mediators when the children are having problems with sharing or getting along. It is important for the Teachers to be creative and adaptive. The whole aim of early childhood education is to think outside the box and go for a child centred approach. It is all about making learning fun and using the right kind of activities to keep a very young child occupied. The curriculum at an early learning centre would involve arts and crafts. Children are also encouraged to participate in storytelling activities and are exposed to educational games to make learning easier for them.

Difference between preschool and day-care

Contrary to popular belief preschool is not a day care. Whereas Day Care is open for child care without any emphasis on learning, a preschool on the other hand has a more formal approach towards it. Children learn a great deal at preschool. The initial experience with the teachers and peers allowed them to develop certain social habits which would be useful for them in the future as well. At an early learning classroom classes are usually interactive and stimulating so as to Foster the right kind of learning environment.

If you are thinking about enrolling your child at in early learning centre it is important that you do proper research. It is best if you look for local preschool which have an experienced staff and a good name to begin with. Admissions open have to be secured earlier sometimes as early as a child is just 6 months to a year old. If you want to enrol your child it is centre of your choice it would be best that you start early.

For more information on Launceston early learning centres make sure you contact South Launceston Early Learning.