7 steps to find a blogger who talks about your music

1. Make sure to look for supporters who are really interested in listening to your type of music or who have musical tastes that align with the characteristics of your genre. (In point five you will find something more about it)

2.Find the email of that specific person and not an email that refers to a generic association or mention the person you are interested in on Twitter to find out which email address you can write to.

3. Don’t exaggerate the amount of words in writing the email: the shorter the better.

4.Many artists or those for them , write very full-bodied emails pausing to tell the story of the group or each member: remember that however interesting or funny it may be, the blogger will have to write about your music and not about you or you . So before you start telling your story in detail, let your music be the first to speak for you.

5. What is good for reading: writing what kind it is. A preventive description of the sound that you are about to listen can be useful to the blogger, who thus if he does not deal with that genre or if simply interested will save time to himself and to you.

6. The pleasure to click for listening: Soundcloud, You Tube and Bandcamp are the best custodians of music listening, but don’t forget how much the image also counts. So any link that leads to a website, a social page or press releases, is welcome.

7. Don’t forget a photo or two and a personalized paragraph. What is it about? It is a real statement about why you think that blogger may be the right person to write about your music: it is a sign of respect, which will make the person concerned understand that you went to view his work, dedicating that time he will have to devote to you.