Five Fun Activities To Do With Your Kindergarten Class

There are many fun activities to engage children at kindergarten adelaide level. Children by nature are curious about things, which leads them to questioning things. Activities must be focused on learning and children should learn while having fun and satisfying their curiosities. Activities must be planned in a way that it covers science, mathematics and reading. While they should deliver knowledge and substance, they should also be full of fun and attention seeking. Children should get excited about activities and discovering new things.

Letter learning from clay:

Children tend to get excited if the activities involve physical work. Letter learning from clay is an easy art project to form letters out of clay. This activity will enhance their learning by shaping alphabets and numeric through their hands. This actually improves children’s fine motor skills which are the key to proper formation of handwriting and letters. Children will have a messy learning adventure and can also play with the gooey clay. These kinds of activities grab their attention and learn by doing.

Counting the coins:

Counting coins and count change is an important life skill; many children take time to learn this. It is an easy way to build knowledge of children by making them count ones, fives and tens on coins. Learning is a process involving certain stages. It must always begin with the easy to understand step and upgrade gradually. Therefore, it is recommended to start with the less and small number of coins, and then increase the change as the child starts to learn.  

Living things and nonliving things:

You have to place some living things and nonliving objects in the classroom. Explain through science how they differ from each other by giving examples to children. Children should have a clear concept of what is alive and anything that can’t ever be alive. You can take children to some outdoor spot for better learning and explain through the variety of things present outdoors.

Performing Activities:

Let the children be expressive and encourage them to perform their skills and abilities. This can be done by arranging a puppet show, storytelling and acting characters in the classroom. It will help children in improving their social skills, build confidence, vocabulary, oral language, emotions, fluency and expressions. Always encourage questions. When children are curious and ask questions, it usually shows that they are eager towards learning that particular thing.

Problem solving:

Problem solving is used in both general and academic well-being. Teaching children in a fun environment and making them solve problems with logic and facts is a great source of learning. Assembling puzzles and the curiosity to complete them enhances the ability of problem solving in children. Games like scavenger hunt, tower building, save the egg, tic tac toe, etc. can be played in problem solving activities. At the kindergarten stage, a child’s mind is two times more active than an average adult, and these activities can enhance their logic and problem solving skills.