Things to keep in mind when buying professional art supplies

Art supplies can have a major impact on your work. It is important that you buy the best quality materials that you can buy on your budget. Sometimes artist have to compromise and buy low quality products but this can seriously compromise the quality of their work. You should consider your professional art supplies as your investment. The right kind of supplies can actually have a good return on investment as well.

For some one who is out to buy professional supplies for the first time the material market can be a minefield. The number of products out there are enough to make anyone feel overwhelmed. Plus you also have to make sure that you get your hands on the right kind of what supplies.

Professional art supplies you need

Below is a list of all the art supplies from Melbourne Etching Supplies which you would need to start of your painting career:

Oil paints

When choosing oil paints you may want to go for color which is highly pigmented and is light resistant as well. Instead of going for a paint which is cheap and dries up to a poor result, you must choose high quality paints.

Brush sets

If you are looking for your first set of brushes you would be confronted with a myriad of choices. Keep in mind that the brushes come in different shapes, sizes and lengths. You can however start with the preselected brush set which might compromise of round brushes, filbert brushes and a few flat brushes.

Brush cleaners

For those who plan on going for quality paint brushes it is essential that they should also have a master brush cleaner. In case you have the bad habit of leaving paint on to your brushes do not worry. Using a preservative soap and brush cleaner can help get rid of remaining pigment from the brushes and also reshape them into their original form.

Studio easel

There are different kind of easels available in the market. Each of these support a different style of painting. Some are portable and the rest are collapsible. The letter is suitable if you have a cramped or limited space. Make sure you buy one which is designed with quality and has a longer shelf life.

Consider investing in a good palette

Artist have a habit of identifying and analyzing the color while they mix it. There are some pilots which are airtight containers in which when turned upside down at as mixing surface. You also have an option of investing in an airtight palette which can help you keep the mix workable for weeks.

Linseed oil

Artists make use of linseed oil to add gloss to the paints and to extend the drying time. It is a top quality medium for your paints. It works especially well with oil paints.

A knife set

Invest in a knife set which has the right choice of shapes and is designed to last. Make sure that the handles are made from wood. Also these knives are ideal for mixing paints.