Importance of knowing the different types of Darwin Childcare

Parents in Darwin are provided a wide range of Darwin childcare to answer their every need. However, first-time parents can find the choice of Darwin childcare confusing and challenging.

This article means to help parents determine the best kind of Darwin childcare suitable to their child and their needs.

Casual, occasional, or flexible childcare services

Children under school age can avail of short periods of care provided by casual, occasional, or flexible childcare services. A variety of reasons can make this type of childcare service a great option for parents. This includes:

  • Childcare services during family emergencies and crisis
  • Childcare services during important appointments or shopping
  • Childcare services during part-time or shift work of both parents or a parent

Leaving a child as parents perform important tasks is the advantage provided by the casual, occasional, or flexible childcare services. Non-profit organisations, local councils, and community organisations are the ones that usually offer casual, occasional, or flexible childcare services.

These organisations provide a learning setting where a child can interact and socialise with other children under supervised adult care.


The years before a child begins formal schooling is the childcare services provided by kindergarten/pre-school/prep facilities. A variety of educational program settings are provided by the pre-school childcare services.

Long daycare or childcare centre

Sites or buildings especially adapted or built for early childhood education are the childcare services offered by childcare or long daycare services for children under school age.

The daycare childcare services are either privately owned or managed by community organisations, non-profit organisations, and local councils. Families may opt for part-time or all-day childcare services, depending on their work schedules.

The child care Darwin centres usually include meals and are open to provide childcare services during school holidays and before and after school for a limited number of school children.

Outside school hours/before/after childcare services

The hours this type of childcare services offer includes:

  • 7:00am – 6:00pm every weekday during vacation
  • 7:00am – 9:00am before regular school hours
  • 3:00pm – 6:00pm after regular school hours

School-age children recreation under supervised adult care childcare services offered include:

  • Vacation care or during school holidays
  • Before and after school childcare
  • Free days of the school-age child

Family daycare

Children that have not started schooling can be placed under the family daycare services. This particular childcare services offer flexible hours to fit the needs of varied families. For instance, parents working outside normal hours can avail of this childcare service that even allows overnight care, if needed.

In-home care

A qualified educator in in-home care usually offers this flexible type of childcare service to provide high-quality childhood education.

Mostly subsidised by the government, in-home childcare provides solutions for families that have no access to other types of childcare services for the following reasons:

  • Their family needs are complex and challenging
  • Their working hours are variable and non-standard
  • Their location is geographically isolated

Child Care Subsidy must be sought by parents to make them eligible for in-home care childcare services.

Darwin families have their pick when it comes to childcare services. The various forms and types of available childcare services are a great boon to parents that need the best care for their children.